Andrzej Steinbach (PL)

Image: Andrzej Steinbach, Figur II, 2016

Born 1983 in Czarnkow, Poland. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Steinbach is interested in the signifiers of photographic portrayal and how our assumptions turn individuals into signifiers—and into characters. At times political and containing various subtexts to revolt, his photographs cast a critical gaze squarely at the ubiquitous and unambiguous norms perpetuated by governments and algorithms. Challenging our assumptions of identity using superficial factors and pluralities of gesture, body language, clothing, race, and by subverting the conventions of photographic portraiture to which we are accustomed, he renders the familiar, unfamiliar. In 2018 Steinbach received the German Federal Prize for Art Students and has exhibited throughout Europe and North America, including group exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York and the Centre de la Photographie in Geneva, Switzerland. Steinbach is represented by Galerie Conradi, Hamburg.

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