Artor Jesus Inkerö (FI)

Image: Artor Jesus Inkerö, BUBBLE

Born 1989, Helsinki, Finland. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Spanning photography, video, and performance, Inkerö’s artworks are part of what the artist terms a “holistic bodily project”. Embracing hyper-masculine bodybuilding standards, and using the supplements, gestures, attire and behaviours associated with this subculture, Inkerö (who uses the pronoun “they”) manipulates both the viewer and the external qualities of self-representation. Conflating artist and persona, they use online culture in their work as part of their self-transformation, a performance that is both a physical and social experiment, and one that addresses the visual and societal expectations of gender. Inkerö is currently artist in residence at the Rijksakademie Residency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has exhibited throughout Finland and recently in the New Museum in New York, USA.

PHOTO 2021 Exhibitions