Christopher Day (AU)

Image: Christopher Day, Untitled
, 2020. Courtesy the artist and LON Gallery.

Christopher Day is a Melbourne based visual artist. His work focuses on a reflective examination of our material world. This type of looking records and interprets the often absurd moments within our everyday, when ideas and objects have expanded beyond the limits of human use or necessity into surreal notions and forms. Through these observations Day’s work occupies a speculative dimension as it examines the potential of the parallel realities of our human experience.


Day’s photographs and collages are deliberately ambiguous, compressed images that function through layers of meaning. These artworks do not adhere to a shared or common knowledge of references or source materials. Rather, Day’s work attempts to erase these elements within a collage or photograph. Alternately, Day creates his own material codes that work together to form new allegorical structures.

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