Duha Ali & Justine Youssef ()

Image: Justine Youssef & Duha Ali, Kohl

Duha Ali
Duha Ali is a Kurdish and Arabic artist (b. 1991, Ilam, Iran). She works across a range of mediums including performance, film, textiles and ceramics. Her practice is primarily concerned with exploring her lived experience as a displaced Kurd/Arab as well as her familial and cultural customs through diasporic and postcolonial frameworks. She has performed, exhibited and shared work in artist-run initiatives and art institutions across Australia.


Justine Youssef
Justine Youssef is a contemporary artist who is currently living and working on the unceded territory of the Darug people. Her practice is site-responsive and attentive to her respective origins in South-West Asia. She works across multiple disciplines through her artistic practice, including performance, video, scent and collaboration. The work is rooted in research into moments and places which allow her to move through questions surrounding neo-colonial rhetoric, feminist lenses, and diasporic and material exchanges.

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