Heinrich Holtgreve (DE)

Image: From the series, The internet as a place, 2013.

Born in Bochum, Germany, and based now in Hamburg, Heinrich Holtgreve uses photography to capture ‘the uncapturable’—the internet. Locating and photographing physical sites where the internet ‘is’—data centres, servers in warehouses, satellites, maps of international cable systems—Holtgreve reveals some of the surprising physical realities behind the most powerful digital force that has ever connected our species.


Holtgreve studied photography at University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, Germany and at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea, and has been a freelance photographer for many esteemed editorial and commercial clients since 2013. Exhibiting extensively around the world, Holtgreve has been a member of OSTKREUZ–Agentur Der Fotografen since 2016, and teaches photography at HAW Hamburg, and FH Bielefeld.

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