Ophelia Bakowski (AU)

Image: Ophelia Bakowski, I am Ophelia, 2019, video still

Ophelia Bakowski was born in Melbourne/Birraranga, Australia (1996). Their practice uses performance, image, sound and installation, to explore the inherent fluidity and inter-connectivity of Nature and identity. Through experiences of hardship and trauma, states of transcendence and enlightenment allow for a cosmic communion with the sacred and unknown self, as pain becomes pleasure. The rituals performed in their work, become a form of healing and celebration of selfhood. Ophelia’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Perth Centre for Photography, Blindside and Seventh Gallery.  In 2019, they worked on solo shows at Kings Artist-Run (IamOphelia 2019) and Alternating Current Art Space (Endure 2018)—discovering the nuances of queer self in practice.

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