Sheelasha Rajbhandari (NP)

Image: Sheelasha Rajbhandari, I Still See That Same Old House Of Ours In My Dreams, 2019. Courtesy the artist.

Born 1988, Nepal
Lives and works Kathmandu, Nepal

Sheelasha Rajbhandari is a visual artist, cultural organizer, and co-founder of the artist collective Artree Nepal (founded in 2013) based in Kathmandu. She is interested in exploring alternative and plural narratives through folktales, folklore, oral histories, mythologies, material culture, performance, and rituals and placing them as evidence, along with references to mainstream history and narratives. Her long-term research projects and artistic practice often juxtapose these contradictions and synthesize the knowledge and experiences that result from individual and collective discourses. Through her work, she frequently tries to encounter simple yet socially taboo subject matters, with a focus on women’s struggles, celebrating their resilience. Her recent works explore the current transformation of Nepal from a once important centre for trans-Himalayan trade to a geopolitical situation in flux between the two emerging world powers of India and China. Rajbhandari is very careful about choosing materials and methods that align with her conceptual framework. She prefers mediums and materials that add meaning to ideas and have their own significance.

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