Thibaut Henz (BE)

Image: Thibaut Henz, Kopie

Born 1988 in Liège, Belgium. Lives and works in Weimar, Germany.


Visceral, affronting, and beautiful in their profound ugliness, the photographs of Belgian photographer Thibaut Henz are a montage of flesh, objects and decay. Henz belongs to a generation whose perception of the world is strongly influenced by the reception of digital images. Installed like mould spreading on a damp share house wall, Henz´s images, commonly depicting transient moments, gestures, and close-ups of intimate and fragmented moments in time, form an incoherent and chaotic whole that speaks to the melancholy of our modern condition. Henz was awarded the Ars Viva prize this year, a prestigious award for promising young visual artists previously awarded to Wolfgang TIllmans and Anna Oppermann, Henz has exhibited extensively in Europe, including the recent exhibition Antarctica: An exhibition on Alienation at Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria.

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