Thomas Hirschhorn (CH)

Thomas Hirschhorn studied in Zurich and has been based in Paris since 1984. From the mid-eighties, the artist’s work has become installation based often using ephemeral materials such as such as cardboard, aluminium foil, adhesive brown plastic and collage. These works have evolved incorporating photocopies, pictures cut from newspapers or magazines, and photographs. The artist also includes ballpoint comments or questions about recurring themes: culture, economy, politics, religion. Progressively integrated technology has also been incorporated with monitors and video devices and it is easily transportable around international galleries. His work presents an immersive environment that challenges the viewer to navigate spaces that have been inundated by the artefacts of consumption. Hirschhorn has been part of many solo and group exhibitions at significant international museums including most recently Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2018) and 54th Venice Biennial, Swiss Pavilion, Venice, Italy (2011).  He has been awarded the Marcel Duchamp Prize (2000) and the Meret Oppenheim Prize (2018).

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