Tori Lill (AU)

Image: Tori Lill, Untitled, 2019.

Tori Lill is a Melbourne based artist working across video, photography and installation. In 2017, she completed her BFA (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts. This was where she began to question the relationship between image and text, the role of the viewer and navigating space. Tori has continued interrogating these modes of thinking, while contemplating her practise and where it exists beyond memory and imagination. Everything comes from something which is not nothing.


She writes images and she takes images and she simultaneously questions your experience in viewing. An image is now in your mind and she’s hoping you feel uncomfortable. That is the aim. Through her work she opens herself up to an emotional interrogation—unnecessarily and selfishly… The artist does not need to be this way but she questions whether it would help.

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