Lisa Sorgini, Leah and Ethan in the bedroom. Pottsville, 2020

PHOTO Essay—Lisa Sorgini


Artist Lisa Sorgini shares a PHOTO Essay of works from her series Behind Glass (2020), The Bushfire, the flood and the virus (2020), Mother (ongoing) and In Passing (ongoing).

Lisa Sorgini is an Australian artist currently residing in northern New South Wales (Bundjalung Country). Her practice engages with the relationship between mother and child, family and community and investigates the societal constructs and expectations that are often vastly at odds with the lived experience.


She is deeply interested in the way our familial relationships, particularly the mother role looks and changes over time.


Preferring to work with natural light she creates intimate portraits and landscapes that are unguarded and sensitive, tense and tender, with rich textures and a painterly aesthetic.


Her work has been exhibited within Australia and internationally as well as being published extensively worldwide, with recent interviews and features in The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, Creative Review and National Geographic.

Lisa Sorgini, First Winter. Whian Whian, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Swimming Not Drowning. Glen Innes, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Cathy - 39 weeks with her second son. Preston, 2018

Lisa Sorgini, Camilla with her daughter. Gilberton, 2019

Lisa Sorgini, Mary. Elizabeth Bay, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Ilsa with Wolfgang. Brisbane, 2019

Lisa Sorgini, Millie with her daughters. Redfern, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Caitlin with her daughter #1. Bondi, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Caitlin with her daughter #2. Bindi, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Abi - 35 weeks with her second child. 2019

Lisa Sorgini, Alby in the spare room. St Helena, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Leah and Ethan in the bedroom. Pottsville, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Holly with Della and Posey in the dining room. 2020

Lisa Sorgini. Childhood scents (Star jasmine and turmeric). 2016

The Neighbors Tomatoes, 2020

Lisa Sorgini, Ari and Sebastian with the Goliath stick insect. 2021

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