Collector Tour: Richmond / Windsor

11 May 2022

Image: Nayndng Mayen, Bigoa, 2020. Courtesy the artist.


11 May 2022

Wednesday, 9-11am (AEST)

Explore new photography, art and ideas at Melbourne’s leading commercial galleries, meeting gallerists and artists along the way, with Art Atlas.

Visit exhibitions at LON Gallery, Sophie Gannon Gallery and MARS Gallery.

NOTE: this tours involves walking so please wear comfortable shoes. The tour will proceed despite wet weather, in which case please bring an umbrella and raincoat if rain is forecast.


  • Kate Mizrahi (AU)

    Kate Mizrahi is the creator of Art Atlas, a consultancy that offers a suite of highly specialised arts experiences including unrivalled access to artist studios, museums and galleries; local and international art tours and acquisition services.