Clifford Prince King (US)

Orange Grove

03 February - 26 May
Clifford Prince King

Image: Clifford Prince King, Untitled, (m _ q), 2017. Courtesy the artist, Gordon Robichaux, NY and STARS, LA.

Tender portraits of queer Black intimacy.


03 February - 26 May


Footscray Community Arts [i]
45 Moreland St, Footscray
Tue – Fri, 9.30am – 5pm
Sat – Sun, 10am – 4pm


Queer Futures


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Self-taught US artist Clifford Prince King documents his intimate relationships in traditional, everyday settings that speak to his experiences as a queer Black man. Orange Grove is a series of dark and handsome images, filled with King’s intricate portraits that flow like tapestries. King makes the everyday transparent while embracing possible futures, through a sense of fantasy and daydream. Woven into the narrative is King’s 2018 HIV diagnosis, and the subsequent shifts in the body that illness brings. As King describes, “The work I make is the work I wish I had seen growing up, to make my process and my understanding easier. That links back to the faces being hidden in some images, I think it allows for people to put themselves in that photograph.”

Through a warm lens, King tenderly captures the beauty of companionship and self-realisation. These images offer a sense of community – as we witness lovers and friends in the ether of vulnerability, King’s portraits remind the viewer that sex and intimacy are intrinsically a collaboration.

Please note that this exhibition contains nudity, A Queer PHOTO exhibition curated by Brendan McCleary Supported by Creative Victoria through the Victorian Government’s Go West Fund Supported by Fini Frames

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