People of the Mud

29 April 2022 - 22 May 2022

Image: Luis Alberto Rodriguez, The Defenders - Megan and Leanne, 2020, from the series People of the Mud. Commissioned by Photo Ireland. Courtesy the artist.


29 April 2022 - 22 May 2022


Collins Place (outdoor) [i]
45 Collins St, Melbourne
24 hrs



Wheelchair access



People of the Mud is made collaboratively amongst the communities of County Wexford in Ireland, where ancient tradition and modern life rub shoulders daily.

With a background in professional dance, Luis Alberto Rodriguez’ work creates sculptures out of bodies, directing and layering Irish hurling players upon one another. Elsewhere, we see the exaggerated glamour of modern female Irish dancers taken out of the glitzy ballrooms and into the fields, creating a rupture across time and space.

At the outset of his project, Rodriguez wanted to create a large family photograph, a collective community portrait of all the different elements that construct modern, rural Irish identities.

Curated by Photo Australia

Supported by Collins Place

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