17 February 2021 - 13 March 2021

Image: Shea Kirk, Sam Biddle (left and right view), 2019.


17 February 2021 - 13 March 2021


Daine Singer [i]
Rear 90 Moor St, Fitzroy
Wed – Fri, 12pm – 5pm
Sat, 12pm – 4pm


Wheelchair access

Premiering new work from the ongoing stereoscopic series Vantages, artist Shea Kirk invites people to be photographed in his home studio, in front of simple backdrops.

Working with dual large format cameras, each portrait is exposed onto separate sheets of black and white film, simultaneously capturing two images of the sitter from different perspectives. The process is slow and methodical, enabling an intimate exchange that highlights the agency between photographer and subject.

Conscious of their own vulnerabilities, each sitter is aware of what it means to represent themselves, and through the very nature of this dual-imaging process, resists being reduced to a single vantage point.

Supported by Thirds Fine Art Printing

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