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Limited edition prints commissioned by Australia’s most celebrated photographic artists will support the commissioning and presentation of artists for PHOTO 2024. Each edition features work commissioned by PHOTO Australia.

Honey Long & Prue Stent – Wax Diptych

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Our second limited edition print is ‘Wax Diptych’ from Honey Long & Prue Stent’s recently launched photobook ‘Drinking From The Eye’, commissioned by PHOTO Australia. Fans of Long & Stent can now own a hand-signed work by the artists at an affordable price – ‘Wax Diptych’ is available for $350 AU unframed or $650 AU framed in an edition of 150.

“Both of these photos were taken in very different environments which is partly why I think the pairing is so satisfying. Both capture a feeling of merging and of two bodies meeting each other – one being a friend’s body and the ocean, and the other being rain and hot earth” says Long.

Over the past 10 years, Long & Stent have developed their signature style of experimental photography-performance interventions in familiar and alien environments. With careers spanning traditional photography, sculpture, performance, and fashion, Long & Stent are masters of making us feel a certain type of way about having a physical body, how we perceive bodies, and the relentlessly slippery relationship between physicality and nature.

“In the ‘Drinking From The Eye’ series and the work ‘Wax Diptych’, the body is also ever-present, but is dissolved within the wider landscape and a web of material relations, so that these creaturely hybrids are created, in constant states of becoming and flux” say Long & Stent.

“It feels like a huge milestone as it’s something we have talked about for years. Our first PHOTO Editions book means a lot, in many ways it’s like a process diary that traces our whole practice together. Now releasing the ‘Wax Diptych’ PHOTO Print is a wonderful opportunity to make our work more accessible and help support future opportunities for artists at PHOTO 2024” says Stent.

‘Wax Diptych’ is available from June 21 – July 21 11:59pm AEDT or until sold out.

$350 – Unframed, Ilford Gold Fiber Gloss 310gsm printed by Colour Factory.
$650 – Framed, hand-stained Victorian ash frame designed by the artists and fabricated by Fini Frames. Ilford Gold Fiber Gloss 310gsm printed by Colour Factory.

Atong Atem - Studio '85

This print sale has closed. Subscribe to be the first to find out about the next one.

The first limited edition print is ‘Studio ’85’ from Atong Atem’s celebrated series, Surat, that was commissioned by Photo Australia and exhibited as a major outdoor installation next to the Old Treasury Building at PHOTO 2022.

“Participating in PHOTO 2022 has catapulted my work into the international sphere and led to so many major opportunities,” says Atem. “I am delighted that sales of my print will now support more artists to be commissioned by Photo Australia to create ambitious new work for PHOTO 2024.”

Surat (which translates from Sudanese Arabic as ‘snapshots’) references the family photo albums Atem’s family brought with them when they arrived in Australia as refugees from South Sudan, and the characters within them. Atem’s restaged and reimagined scenes and characters explore self-portraiture as performance through the act of photographing and being photographed, framing and being framed.

“I was drawn to making Surat from my interest in the history of photography in Africa, and studio photography specifically,” says Atem. “I was interested in not quite re-creating but paying homage to family photos as objects, documents of history and a way to preserve tradition and mythology.”

The work honours the Dinka tradition of record-keeping and archiving as an intimate cultural practice. “Surat is a celebration of the visual language of family photographs and photography as an extension of our oral traditions,” says Atem. “We sing songs to tell history and we dress up and sit for photographs to mythologise our histories.”

For Atem, Surat is also about movement, both geographic and historic. As she explains, “It’s about South Sudan, so-called Australia, and everywhere else in between that I’ve rested my head to dream about my people – or rather the depictions of people I don’t know but am connected to through photographs.”

Sales of Atong Atem’s print is available in an edition of 150 until 5 April 2023, or until it sells out.

$350 – unframed on Ilford Gold Fiber Gloss 310gsm. Printed by Colour Factory.

$650 – framed in a custom navy blue Victorian ash frame designed by the artist and fabricated by Fini Frames.


Atong Atem, [Studio 85], from the series 'Surat' (2022). Commissioned by Photo Australia. Courtesy the artist and MARS Gallery.

Atong Atem, Studio 85, from the series 'Surat' (2022). Commissioned by Photo Australia. Courtesy the artist and MARS Gallery.

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