PHOTO LIVE with Eliza Hutchison


On Monday 22 April 2020, PHOTO 2021 Producer Brendan McCleary spoke with Melbourne artist Eliza Hutchison about her experiences as Photographer in Residence at the Parliament of Victoria and the construction of narrative through the relational aesthetics of the images and the inclusion of text in her work.

Placed firmly within our present cultural and historical contexts Hutchison’s work explores how truth and meaning can be manipulated and hybridized, feeding and shaping our understanding of mass culture and identity. Experimental in her approach to photography her work explores various modes of in-camera and algorithmic abstraction.  It explores the digital reception of imagery its aesthetics and its effects in the fluid formation of our consciousness where the personal and political are presented on interact on the same digital platforms and on the same interface.  Her work explores the collision of the personal, and the larger social, political and media structures where authenticity and truth are rendered highly relative and abstract.  Highlighting the political underpinnings of our no longer private worlds, her work explores the boundaries of the photographic medium to challenge and refract the information and meaning.


Hutchison was born in Johannesburg, South Africa 1965 and currently lives and works in Melbourne. Hutchison was educated at University of NSW and RMIT Melbourne where she studied film, psychology, sculpture and photography. Hutchison has worked as educator in design and art theory at RMIT Swinburne University during the 90’s at the time working principally in installation and sculpture before her focus shifted more directly to image production.


Hutchison has exhibited widely in Australia and Asia including more recent exhibitions including a commission by Isobel Parker-Philip for the National, ‘The difference between the eternal and infinite’ at the AGNSW, Image-Reader, CCP, curator, Madé Spencer-Castle, An unorthodox flow of images, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2018, curator Pip Miln, and Naomi Cass; Melbourne Now, 2004, National Gallery of Victoria; Family Photos B, Bus Projects; 2016;  Balnaves Contemporary AGNSW 2013 and Balancing the Bandwagon, Murraywhite Room, 2016 and Artificial and Supernatural Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.  Hutchison recently published her first monograph titled Family Photos, published by Perimeter Editions which was shortlisted for the ICP New York book award 2018 and Momento Pro Australian and New Zealand book award 2017.


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