PHOTO LIVE with Quil Lemons


Brooklyn-based African American photographer Quil Lemons was in conversation with Shantel Wetherall on Monday 20 July about masculinity, queerness, race and positivity.

Quil Lemons is Brooklyn-based African American photographer. Lemons’ work is a representation of the community he comes from. While his subject is often blackness or black bodies, the context of his work comes from the internet, queerness, and popular culture.

The themes of his work are timeless and ambitious in scope. Subjects like masculinity, queerness, race, positivity are played out in often disruptive images that feel like pure imagination. Lemons dances the line between the fantastic and realistic, drawing influence from our current cultural climate, giving his work an eerily familiar feeling.


If you have difficulty viewing the video on this webpage, it can also be viewed on Facebook.