Sneak peek of Inside Out at PHOTO 2021


We are inviting people to submit their portraits as part of the global participatory art project Inside Out which will be taking over Melbourne's iconic Federation Square to mark the opening weekend of PHOTO 2021 (18 – 21 February 2021). To inspire even more participation, we have created a gallery of some of the portraits that we have already received. 

All you need to do to take part is take a photo of yourself (or ask someone to take the photo for you) and submit it with your own personal statement “WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH?” Portraits don’t have to be professional quality, as long as they are over 1MB in size at 100 dpi and capture your face.

To submit your portrait, click here.

WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? My personal truth is to keep learning. This simple philosophy has helped me to pick myself up and keeps me moving forward. I find that life is so full of interesting and new things when I look at it this way. Every experience becomes valuable.

WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? My truth is best seen in my children and wife.

WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? Truth is the reality we choose to believe in. Whether it's good, bad, ugly or beautiful its what you choose to see.

WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? When you look at my photo you see a young Indian girl’s smiling face as she poses for the camera pointing at her. But behind that face is a girl who has gone through a lot of pain, self doubt and low self esteem. A girl who silently fought off all the people who put her down all her life because she was “a little big”, pretending everything was okay with that smile you see in front of you. Hiding her pain and anger of the hurtful words that were thrown at her time and time again, even if they were said out of “sarcasm” or out of “the best intentions of her family”. But despite this, you also see a girl who took those hurtful comments and turned them around to not only shut the haters down but to also become the confident woman she is now and forever shall be. Now that is my truth.

WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? Hi my name is Sam Akins. I moved to Australia from America to live with my partner. I am also a professional ballet dancer and I want to help bring more diversity and inclusion to the ballet community here in Australia.