29 April 2022 - 22 May 2022

Image: Eamonn Doyle, Untitled 36, from the series i, 2013. Courtesy The Michael Hoppen Gallery.


29 April 2022 - 22 May 2022


Franklin St East (outdoor) [i]
89 Franklin St, Melbourne
24 hrs



Wheelchair access

“In taking these photographs, I tried to strip away many of the elements often expected in street photography – context, obvious biographical cues and signifiers, general ‘background noise’. I shot from above, mostly, and tried to flatten the figures into the pavements and roads, and I usually tried to avoid showing the face. Not showing faces seemed to be a way to evoke the very unknowability of these people and, perhaps, by implication, of all those with whom we have such fleeting, urban encounters.” –Eamonn Doyle

Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle is drawn towards solitary, often elderly, figures he sees on the streets of Dublin, people he seems to pass daily. Often not revealing faces, Doyle evokes the very unknowability of these people. The result makes us consider those passers-by we meet in fleeting, urban encounters. This series has been championed by Martin Parr as “the best street photobook in a decade”.

Curated by Photo Australia

Presented in partnership with Metro Tunnel Creative Program

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