Mother Tongue

27 April 2022 - 28 May 2022

Image Zoë Croggon, Knot (detail), 2018. Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer.


27 April 2022 - 28 May 2022


Daine Singer [i]
Rear 90 Moor St, Fitzroy
Wed – Fri, 12pm – 5pm
Sat, 12pm – 4pm



Wheelchair access



In Mother Tongue, Zoë Croggon considers the human compulsion to divide and partition land. Croggon writes: “I am interested in the concept of the border, the map, the territory. My collage work is largely characterised by a ‘split’, where two contrasting images intersect and amalgamate. In the context of this body of work I consider the ‘split’ as a division, or border, introducing geographical, political, and historical meaning into the formal arrangement.”

Mother Tongue examines the interior and exterior borders that shape our lives, and interrogates their meanings—what they include and also what they exclude.

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