A Line in the Sea

23 January 2021 - 7 March 2021

Image: Leyla Stevens, A Line in the Sea, 2019. Courtesy the artist.


23 January 2021 - 7 March 2021


West Space [i]
102/30 Perry St, Collingwood
Wed – Fri, 12pm – 6pm
Sat – Sun, 12pm – 4pm


Wheelchair access, Accessible Toilets

A Line in the Sea is a moving-image work by Leyla Stevens that contests the construction of Bali as an island paradise within the Australian imagination.

The multi-channel video is a feminist retelling of a seventies Australian cult surf-film that popularised Bali as a tourist destination. The lush, colour-saturated imagery directly references the footage of Australian male surfers as they ‘discover’ south Bali’s coastlines, less than a decade following Indonesia’s anti-communist killings that claimed 80,000 lives in Bali alone.

Using speculative and documentary modes of filmmaking, the work explores the spectral trace of Bali’s political violence and looks at the ways the Australian surfer romance wiped the island clean of past atrocities.

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